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“Words can’t truly express my thanks to you for the perfection of Anne’s wedding! We’re still basking in the happiness of it all – ‘the best wedding our guests felt they had ever attended’! More than the night itself, I also want to thank you for a wonderful wedding year – for ice cream and cookies, for delightful meetings and phone calls, for all your kindness, help and experience in guiding us through everything! You’ve given us such happy memories. Thank you! Thank you!”

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the time, effort, and care that you put into making our day special. We couldn’t have done it without you!”
–Heather & Todd

“We could not have done any of the weddings without your dedication and the LOVE you put into everything. We are blessed by your talent and honored to call you friend.”

“Thank you so much for everything! Our wedding was perfect, and it was all thanks to you!”
–Christina & Bryan

“You are incredible!!! That was a wonderful party—we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It certainly reflected your party planning skills. Everything from the location, to the food, to the guest list was Cordell perfection.”

“Thanks for handling the contracts, keeping your patience, creating a beautiful reception, helping our daughter have the dream wedding she wanted, negotiating with the florist, staying flexible with schedules, handling the ‘unexpected’ at the reception, getting a great videographer last minute, not objecting when we found services on our own, letting us enjoy the wedding day! You are fabulous! Our #1 recommendation!”

“Wow! Not sure what else I can say. The details and flow of the evening were perfect, and your signature personal touch was evident throughout. What a wonderful evening! We made some new friends, enjoyed the excellent food and wine, and plan to spread the word about the great venue.”

“We really enjoyed working with you to plan Jennifer’s and Daniel’s wedding. It was everything she wanted and more. Thank you for making the week-end amazing!

“The wedding was amazing, couldn’t have been more perfect. Thank you! So many people have commented on the details, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you!”

“Judy Cordell lent her incredible creativity and strict attention to detail to City House for our “An Evening at the Derby” fundraisers. Attendees felt they were “off to the races” as Judy successfully recreated a Churchill Downs atmosphere in some very challenging venues. Everyone at City House will be forever grateful!”

“Thank you for all your party planning and efforts before and during my surprise birthday party. Because of you, everyone had a great time and the party went off without a hitch. You are to be commended for a fantastic job. Because of your efforts, I was able to experience one of the most incredible nights of my life.”

“Words cannot explain the gratefulness in my heart for what you did to make the wedding such a spectacular event! The countless hours I’m sure I don’t even know about, the phone calls, the planning, the meetings, the counting, organizing, thinking of so many things I hadn’t thought of…the list goes on and on. I am so thankful God gave people gifts like that!”

“Thanks so very much for making my party one that surpassed my expectations! What an amazingly talented woman you are. I love your spirit for life! You are awesome and your staff was amazing! People are still talking about my party.”

“The Best of Plano was the Best of Judy Cordell and her amazing talent, attention to detail and creativity! She left no stone unturned, was calm and patient with everyone and worked harder than anyone I have ever seen. To this day I still hear comments about how great the event was and how beautiful everything was. I will always go to Judy for any of my events for decoration and theme ideas and will continue to refer her to everyone I know. She is a pleasure to work with and I value her judgment tremendously!”

“WOW! What a party! You did an absolutely fantastic job. The cake was wonderful, the flowers were beautiful and what a great idea for the centerpieces…very clever. The tables were lovely, and it was a classy party. You made everything run so smoothly. What a great place you chose to have the party. You have a talent for this sort of operation and it shows. You pay so much attention to detail, and we loved working with you. We knew we were in good hands. Everyone is still talking about the food and all of the fun that they had. Thanks for making the 30-year celebration a celebration to remember!”

“Let’s put it this way: I didn’t have time to plan a wedding, on a tight budget and only wanted to plan for four months. Judy took care of EVERYTHING down to the last detail letting me be as much or as little involved as I wanted. She has amazing attention to detail and can massage a budget like no other. She has connections with every fabulous vendor in the area with good prices. She also does amazingly well with crazy family dynamics, yet somehow doesn’t show that she’s had to deal with any issue to anyone. There is no way any other wedding planner does the job like she does. ANY event that you need done flawlessly, she is your woman.”

“Thank you for taking our vision and bringing it to life at The Fort Worth Convention Center! From the jazz orchestra, the picture booth, the flowers, the staging décor, the food, the golden original shoes for Rev. and Mrs. Chew, the photography, the videography, etc., all 500 guests left The Golden Event telling everyone that this event was beyond their imagination and better than any other banquet or event they’d ever attended – we heard from city officials to the common person. The entire event was simply beautiful!! – WOW Judy!!!”

“From a large lawn party at my home to receptions and parties in different cities and venues, you and your professional team have provided exemplary services every time, leaving no detail unattended. You place a personal stamp of success on every event, and Erin’s wedding was no exception. It was so special to our family, and she said it was everything she had dreamed of since a little girl. It left us with wonderful memories and our guests saying that it was the most fun wedding they had ever attended.”

“Every aspect of the wedding was a credit to your planning, creativity and execution. Most of all, it was a ‘fun’ wedding, and it was great to see so much laughter, love, and dancing. It is evident that you are well-suited to what you do. I have no idea how Dave and I would have pulled off a rehearsal dinner without your intervention. It was a great location, beautiful flowers and great food. You saw to every detail.”

“Judy, thanks for coming to my rescue and planning my wedding reception, on a budget, complete with food, beverages, great decor and FUN….you are AMAZING; your vendors are awesome. Our event encountered NO problems and/or last minute issues. You worked harder than I’ve ever seen anyone work to make sure I was stress free and you were on every aspect of our event. I would highly recommend Judy Cordell Events for ANY event that someone wants to be done professionally and with total dedication. You take pride in your work and work hard for your clients to meet their specific needs. You were very creative and thanks for the fun ideas, too!”

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